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Potatoes & Apples — A Perfect Marriage

The recipe is so simple and delicious. The ingredients are potatoes and salt! Served with a little bit of butter that melts into the pancakes and a side of warm applesauce(recipe below), it’s one of the best meals you can eat on a cool fall evening.
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Noank Clam Chowder

The Noank clam chowder sans cream was also super tasty; a perfectly balanced briny salty broth, plenty of chopped clams, and not too many potatoes. My mouth had been watering for more and I knew exactly what to do with the clams that arrived in NC.

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Autumn Leeks w/ Roasted Chicken & Pasta

Aromatic, pretty to look at, and luscious – just waiting for you to dig in!
A one platter dinner — perfect for a dinner party.
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Welcome Back to You & Me + Summer Couscous

Welcome back to you and me. It’s been 3 months since my last Roasted Peppers blog entry; sad news and some good news. Sad news – my husband Eric who is 64 and has dementia (frontal temporal lobe) is
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The Perfect Gooey, Chewy, Chocolaty Treat –Congo Bars

Congo Bars are easy to make. You only need one saucepan, a large wooden spoon and a baking pan. The best part is… you can prepare, bake, and eat Congo bars in an hour. Enjoy!
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Think Summer! Summer Rolls

Give everyone a job. Making Summer Rolls works well for a friends get together. Ideal for a crowd; and it works for vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores. Everyone gets what they want!
Check out my favorite, Lobster Summer Rolls, a French twist on an Asian staple. Enjoy!

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Authentic Swiss Muesli w/ Yogurt and Fresh Fruit

Many recipes have a tip or a trick that turns a good tasting dish into something that is over the top in taste and texture. The secret to real Swiss Muesli is the addition of grated apple and lemon. This prevents the dish from taking on a gooey consistency; grated apple makes a great difference in texture and deepens the flavor.
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Osso Bucco Sides

Delicious sides to compliment Osso Bucco — Creamy Polenta, Broccoli rabe, and Winter Bosc Pear Salad. Enjoy!
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