Wintry Mix-ology

When you’re trapped inside to avoid the dreaded “wintry mix”, a terribly bland yet dangerous concoction of various forms of H20, all you need to wet your whistles is a little creativity and whatever
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How to Survive a 10 Hour Delay at the Airport.

Nothing builds character like a litany of humiliations. Use your time at the airport to collect as many character-enriching experiences as you can. Here’s a list of some we tried this holiday season
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The Few Shoes. Sketch tha Cataclysm, Jerkagram and The Yutes Thursday April 8

Now that both Lent and March Madness are no longer preoccupying your time how about heading on down to Acoustic Cafe Thursday April 8 at 9pm for a show of great wildly diverse music. All these bands
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Downtown Comedy Show with Jackson This Saturday

Okay if you haven’t yet seen Jackson for the once a month Downtown Comedy Show he puts on at the Metric Bar & Grill you better get your butt in gear so you can tell your friends, lovers and
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Films About Bridgeport Sunday March 7

Okay so if you already decided to come to Acoustic Cafe and see us perform don’t read this. We don’t want you to feel torn up about the abundance of things to do in yes, here in BRIDGEPORT. Okay so
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Celebrate Mass with Saint Bernadette This Sunday 5pm

Whether or not you’ve given up anything for Lent, whether or not you’re not Catholic, whether or not you worship anywhere get your adoration for great music on down to Acoustic Cafe this Sunday March

Tuesday Night’s Best Bet

Okay this post might get the least advance notice award but between the 9 to 5 and getting ready for our three week tour accept my apologies and hopes that at least of few of you will catch this and
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Art to Make You Forget the Winter Blues @ 51 Crescent Avenue

Okay well maybe we’re overselling this show. After all we don’t know how badly seasonal adjustment disorder is affecting your mood, but either way turn off the Olympics and get on over to 51 Crescent
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