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INDOOR/OUTDOOR – The perfect kick-off


As I hope by now, ALL of you know, this Saturday marks INDOOR/OUTDOOR – the first of the Sweetport events in downtown Bridgeport.  I could not ask for a better first event to hype in this blog.  It’s the kind of comprehensive, all-hands-on-deck programming that we always believed was possible in Bridgeport, the Park City, a city perfectly beloved, reviled, celebrated and mocked to reclaim its past glory and greatness. Come on everybody – we have everything we need to make it on the national stage: the waterfront! college kids! a history of organized crime! environmental damage! a mayor busted for drugs!

Please come this weekend – enjoy two days of a program that truly has something for everyone – preppies, hippies, families, hipsters, punks, bankers, bikers, pastors, and, of course, circus freaks.

This weekend - May 30th and 31st

This weekend - May 30th and 31st

Saturday, May 30, 2009
2:00pm – 9:00pm
McLevy Green
State & Main St.
Bridgeport, CT

For more information on the concert and all the other exciting programming, please visit:

Sweetport on Myspace
City Lights Gallery
Sweetport on Facebook

Big shout outs to Margaret Bodell, Dave Schneider, Melissa Bernstein, Suzanne Kachmar and everybody else who made this event possible!

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2 Responses

  1. Melissa A. Bernstein says:

    Hey St. B., thanks for being a part of the INDOOR/OUTDOOR event and for promoting it in your first blog! As many of your readers probably know, we had BEAUTIFUL weather, thousands of visitors from all over the region, and dozens of dedicated volunteers and talented artists participating. Margaret, Dave and I couldn’t have asked for more, and are very appreciative of everyone who contributed their energy to this event.
    Thank you Bridgeport for being such a great place to kick off the summer!

  2. Bob D'Aprile says:

    Thank you to Saint Bernadette for a rousing set at Two Boots on the same day as BAM. Hopefully, the BAM Festival will come back again next year …

    here’s a thought …
    a series of nites at different venues in Bridgeport.

    Two Boots
    Acoustic Cafe and/or another venue in Black Rock
    an outdoor event at Baldwin Plaza,
    or McLevy Green

    three or four days …
    three nights, and a Saturday outdoors …

    multiple venues on multiple days
    could serve the BAM Festival better than
    an one-day event subject to weather.

    – bob d.