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INDOOR/OUTDOOR – The perfect kick-off


As I hope by now, ALL of you know, this Saturday marks INDOOR/OUTDOOR – the first of the Sweetport events in downtown Bridgeport.  I could not ask for a better first event to hype in this blog.  It’s the kind of comprehensive, all-hands-on-deck programming that we always believed was possible in Bridgeport, the Park City, a city perfectly beloved, reviled, celebrated and mocked to reclaim its past glory and greatness. Come on everybody – we have everything we need to make it on the national stage: the waterfront! college kids! a history of organized crime! environmental damage! a mayor busted for drugs!

Please come this weekend – enjoy two days of a program that truly has something for everyone – preppies, hippies, families, hipsters, punks, bankers, bikers, pastors, and, of course, circus freaks.

This weekend - May 30th and 31st

This weekend - May 30th and 31st

Saturday, May 30, 2009
2:00pm – 9:00pm
McLevy Green
State & Main St.
Bridgeport, CT

For more information on the concert and all the other exciting programming, please visit:

Sweetport on Myspace
City Lights Gallery
Sweetport on Facebook

Big shout outs to Margaret Bodell, Dave Schneider, Melissa Bernstein, Suzanne Kachmar and everybody else who made this event possible!

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