Downtown Comedy Show with Jackson This Saturday

Okay if you haven’t yet seen Jackson for the once a month Downtown Comedy Show he puts on at the Metric Bar & Grill you better get your butt in gear so you can tell your friends, lovers and grandchildren too that you know this guy before he busted out to the big, big time.

Featuring comedians from HBO, Comedy Central, Showtime and more!!! Hosted by comedian Jackson!! Its all at Metric Bar and Grill 39 Cannon St. (downtown) Bridgeport, CT Showtime 930pm!! Ten dollars at the door and worth every sheckel.

Order food while you’re there cause The Metric can cook up a storm but be warned you might laugh so hard you could spit up your chicken wings and look like the fool.

Oh yeah and Jackson’s got a brand spanking new OPEN MIKE night every Thursday at Metric. Comics, poets hip hop artists and more. Give him a holler on Facebook and keep up to date. His posts are part Martin Luther King, part Richard Pryor with a dash of lord knows what which equals 100% Jackson.

Check out New Jackson City on YouTube. We can’t post it here because, well it’s a newspaper blog and the you know what is just a bit too real.

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