Fairfield County Courthouse

The Day Lincoln came to Town

On March 10, 1860, it was Saturday night and Lincoln was scheduled to give his talk downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut, in Washington Hall, the lecture room in the Fairfield County Courthouse, which is
Federal Express Train Crash July 11, 1911

Bridgeport Federal Express Train wreck, 1911

On July 11, 1911 the Federal Express Train wreck, one of the worst railroad wrecks in Bridgeport’s history occurred around 3:15 that summer morning.  On board was the St. Louis Cardinals National

Gustave Whitehead

We Believe! The recent article written in Jane’s All the World Aircraft that verifies Gustave Whitehead flew his plane on August 14, 1901. We here at the Bridgeport Public Library’s History Center

Yes Virginia, There is a Blizzard

 Yes, Virginia, there is a blizzard…and it is here now!  And historically speaking, its not the first time either! Here are historical (not hysterical thoughts about blizzards of Bridgeport’s past):

Baldwin Plaza Named After Former Governor

If you come to downtown today, Baldwin Plaza has been torn up since May of 2012.  The big pile of debris, that was once Baldwin Plaza is going through a very slow process of renovation.  Very little

Bridgeport Titanic Survivor Drowns?

  In April of 1912, the news of the tragedy of the sinking of the sinking of the ship Titanic resonated throughout the world.  In the New York metropolitan area, the many immigrants and their families

Santa Gives Out His Loot

  Photo by Al Mathewson Christmas 1938 was a tough year for America. The last years of the Depression were difficult ones for the citizens of Bridgeport, and especially the children.  Standing in the

World War I Bridgeport

Bridgeport had a great deal to rejoice about on July 4, 1919. Most of the troops were home from the World War, and the Treaty of Versailles had been signed in June. Everyone came out to celebrate,