A New Year’s Message

Main Street Bridgeport…1945…busy streets and your choice of stores!  So many residents remember everything that was available downtown…Lerner’s, Woolworth’s, the Poli Theaters, great food.  Well…I think that Bridgeport is coming back…there are many great restaurants to dine at, plus good theater and arts…we can’t stop in 1945!

It is my hope that while the past is the past; the future will give us equally good memories.  Write down your memory of Bridgeport past, or a good recent memory and send it to me, Mary Witkowski at the Bridgeport Public Library, 925 Broad Street, Bridgeport. 400 words or less…with a little editing, we will put it in our Bridgeport Memoir writing blog!  www.bridgeportmemoirwriting.com or to mwitkowski@bridgeportpubliclibrary.com


Bridgeport Main Street quilt