Bridgeport History Highlight

Read's Department Store Souvenir plate. Gift of Robert and Sally Factor

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From the 1936 Bridgeport Municipal Register:

“On November 20, 1935 the library opened to the public a room dedicated to the memory of the late Henry A. Bishop who was the president of the Board of Directors of the library nine years.  This room contains historical materials such as books, pamphlets, documents and maps pertaining to Bridgeport and Fairfield County,and, opening as it did just before the celebration of Bridgeport’s hundreth anniversary as a city, it has been one of the busiest places in the library.  It is hoped that the value of the material in the room will be increased by gifts from the old Bridgeport families.”

NOTE:  The History Center, formerly called the Bishop Room, is celebrating it s 75th Anniversary in November of this Year!  We are happy to continue serving the citizens of Bridgeport.  We are also eager go answer questions and add more materials to the collection for the coming generations!


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