Yes Virginia, There is a Blizzard

 Yes, Virginia, there is a blizzard…and it is here now
And historically speaking, its not the first time either!
Here are historical (not hysterical thoughts about blizzards of Bridgeport’s past):
On March 11, 1888, the entire Northeast was struck by a winter storm. The wind and snow caused huge drifts to make it impossible to move. Remember…today we have the luxury of snowplows and snow blowers. In 1888 people used shear muscle to dig out from the nearly 14 feet deep drifts.
Trains couldn’t get through to deliver goods. The entire coast was frozen in snow. Luckily, by March 15 the weather warmed up. Many of the photographs of the day show residents shoveling snow in light clothing. This view of State Street shows the huge piles of snow with a narrow path to walk.

Blizzard of 1888 Bridgeport Photograph property of Bridgeport History Center, Bridgeport Public Library

Then there was that time seventy six years ago…in 1934…a fierce blizzard hit Bridgeport.  It was the depths of the Depression, and out of work WPA employees were on hand to dig out the snow in downtown Bridgeport.  Workers were freezing, so Edward “Slim” Young who owned the diner on State Street treated the cold workers to a hot cup of coffee.     

1934 blizzard, Bridgeport Property of Bridgeport History Center, Bridgeport Public Library

                                               Oh and Virginia??? There is a Santa Claus Too!