Ever wondered about the difference between Staging and Interior Design?

Staging has become extremely popular when selling a home.  But what differentiates Designing from Staging a residence?

Often  Realtors and Professional Stagers hear this from their potential clients, “I just had my Interior Designer/Decorator design my living room, family room, and bedrooms. They are absolutely gorgeous and she embraced all the things I love.”

Here is how a Staging assignment and being contracted for an  Interior Design appointment is dissimilar.
When designing for a client the designer creates a space which reflects the homeowner’s personal taste, choosing colors from your favorite palette, fabrics, furniture, and accessories.  When designing you create an intimate space, a space with very personal meaning.  This design can be based on the client’s personal inspiration, cultural heritage, a past vacation, or experience.

Birgit Anich Staging & Interiors - Staging Project

Birgit Anich Staging & Interiors – Staging Project

When staging a house for sale, the Stager studies the neighborhood, demographics, psycho-graphics and Realtors’ feedback. A good stager analyzes who the most likely buyers for the property will be using also additional clues such as style, size of home, proximity to the train, mass transportation, restaurants, shops, schools, and local attractions, etc.
Their job is to depersonalize the house and prepare it in a way that will  wow and create an emotional bond with the most likely buyer for the  property. Staging is the strongest marketing tool available to a home seller.

In essence when designing a space for you, you get to compose your reverie. However when staging, the space created, targets the lifestyle the most likely consumer will want to experience and they do not necessarily have to reflect your own personal style.

Staging and Interior Design/Decorating are related professions, but have a very different approach as well as processes. Make sure to hire the right professional for your respective need.

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