Can Staging Decrease The Value Of Your House?

Lords Highway FR BASI
The goal of staging is to raise the perceived value of a home to a higher level.  Showcasing its focal features, special amenities,
and custom design.
A Professional Stager’s job is to study all these features and custom select accessories, colors, artwork that will enhance and showcase the home from its best side.  Think of it as presenting your home on the “Red Carpet”, you want to make a sparkling, luxurious, and lasting first impression.
What should be avoided is staging a house with cheap, tired, or outmoded furniture.  Automatically this home is going to give your potential buyer the feeling of being dated and in need of updating.
Your buyers might not be aware on a conscious level how the property is affecting them but emotionally the home will have a negative impact and thus they might consider taking a bigger deduction when presenting their first offer.  In cases like this the home is better off shown vacant, as the hackneyed décor will only have a negative intonation on its visitors.
In contrast a home that was staged and prepared to go on the market using trendy furniture, luxury accessories, and a current color palette, gives the impression of being updated and inhabited by an owner who cares about his home and maintains it up to recent standards. This is “the secret” of achieving a higher perceived value for a house, resulting in a higher sales price.
 In the end one of the most important things a homeowner can do is choosing the right Professional Stager by familiarizing themselves with his/her aesthetics, their portfolio, past jobs, photos, and references carefully.


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