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Artist Spotlight: Susan S Darer

Susan S Darer’s primary mediums are watercolor and photography.


My love of art was nourished both in my youth and throughout my life by travels to Europe, Middle East, Far East, Latin America and Africa, Visits to museums, study of Art History and taking many photographs which are still sources of inspiration. I have one sister who is an artist and illustrates children’s books, and another sister who became a world –renowned photo journalist, and then became a Buddhist Nun. – said Susan


Among her favorite artists are Turner, Monet, Renoir and Raoul Dufy. She is inspired by water, reflections of light, seascapes, including a combination of watercolor and pen and apart from landscapes she enjoy doing pet portraits.


Villagers meet Tourists 3 Gorges Yangtze River photograph


Susan’s first experience creating was in elementary school where she spent a lot of time in the Art Room with her favorite teacher Ms. Hintz who gave her encouragement.

My first framed painting from my early days was of a dog, a Cocker Spaniel with crossed eyes, staring at a martini glass that had spilled on the floor from which he had obviously taken a few licks and became inebriated. – said Susan


Through her art Susan wants to convey the beauty and variability of light and water. Impressions of places she have been to or imagined.


Rugged Coast 7  aug 26 2013



We asked Susan about her creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion:

For Sea Scape – wet the watercolor paper – then lay in the sky and water create clouds by lifting color by dabbing rolled up paper towel or tissue… add in rocks or coast line… use blotting technique to create the crash of waves on the rocks to keep it loose and fresh.



On The Rocks 4-9-14



A walk by the beach , Photographs, images of a pet with character, are among the things that inspire Susan to create art.

Susan grew up in a creative family, she traveled a lot, studied art history, spends time in museums particularly liked Impressionists, inspiring art teachers and groups she did and still does art with.

Susan have been a member at the Stamford Art Association for over 3 years.

You can see more of Susan’s work and her pets’ portraits here and you can follow her Facebook page