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: June, 2010

Goodbye Cedar Brook: There is moral progress after all

We can least take heart that the Cedar Brook and places like it have lost their relevance because the community that it served no longer has to live in the shadows.
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Just Say “No” To Parents

Amazing how many grown men and women can’t say “no” to their parents. I’m reminded of two friends of mine. One, a young man, grew up with his mother — the father moved out — and was quickly drafted
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Take a Pill: When is an antidepressant the right thing?

So often patients get on the treadmill. They feel terrible, they feel uninterested in life. They take Prozac, they regain an interest in life. They get a boyfriend or girlfriend. They don’t want sex. They go off their medication, and so on.
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Just a Jealous Guy

What is hard to shift is the internal conviction that holding on to his girlfriend is a justified right. As is so often the case, letting go is the answer and would greatly enhance his sense of security. But easier said than done.
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The Gores Say Goodbye: Some Wisdom

One thing that we can be sure of, after 40 years together, and children, the Gores will remain part of one another’s lives. They may go on to love other people, but their love is not invalidated by their divorce.
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My Kids Hate Him

Oh boy do I hear this a lot, and it is a difficult situation: You are woman in your late 40’s, and have been raising a boy by yourself for 17 years or so. During those years, there may have been a man
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