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: July, 2010

Broken Boys: With Child Abuse, the Boy is Father to the Man

At this point I know what I’m looking at from the moment they walk into my office. Up the stairs they come, grim faced, vigilant. They sit down and scan the room. Their jaws are tight. They try to
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One Wife, Three Husbands: A Tradition Fades Away

It’s always great to be reminded now and then that the way we assume life ought to be, is just that — an assumption. Such an interesting — though typically not as interesting as it should be — article
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How to Say Goodbye: Why we don’t know how to do it?

Perhaps we don’t need to blow up the universe every time we need to acknowledge that things aren’t working out.
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Addictions? Don’t be Discouraged

The new Psychology Today has an excellent and encouraging article on addictions and the typical roads we take as we  try to master them. Called “The New Quitters” what it basically argues, in relation
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