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: August, 2010

Are you Experienced: A Guardian series of personal revelations is worth visiting

The Guardian is an extraordinary newspaper, and has really used the freedom of the internet to explore new ways of telling stories. I refer you to a series they call Experiences, which —  as you’d
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Pre-School Depression: Studies now show that Depression starts early

A very sad but also important article appeared in the New York Times this weekend on depression in pre-schoolers. It is certainly worth reading, particularly if you have a young child who doesn’t
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Her Lie: False Memory Syndrome and Abuse

We all want their to be a big, flaming explanation for our suffering. Often, however, it is our own longing and disappointment — life as it is — that is troublesome enough.
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Scaling Down: Having Less May Be the Road to Happiness

What a great story in the New York Times on Sunday. Entitled “But Will it Make You Happy,” it talked about a young couple in their early 30’s who — given the frustrations of their jobs and not being
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My Life in Therapy: Daphne Merkin’s Odyssey

Daphne Merkin is hilarious. She’s also a very good writer and in the recent New York Times Magazine, tells a fascinating story about her life in therapy. I’m not sure that is a story that will
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Addicted To Love?

A reader asked me this question over the phone, so I’m paraphrasing: “I’ve been seeing a guy on and off for about six years. I know he sees other women, he even tells me about them. Now, he’s got a
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