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No Robby? No Problem!

Was talking last Friday to one of my Hartford writing students — a hardcore dog lover who also happens to be a big-time fan of this blog.  She knows pretty much all there is to know about the LA/XC
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Big Bro, Little Bro

Kemba and Ruckus spent the long Memorial Day weekend together at the beach in Montauk.  The Tuesday after, our daughter-in-law Kelly told us, Ruckus refused to go to Biscuits & Bath, the doggy
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Tennis Balls? Si! Ducks? No!

Should Beagle Man be asking Steve the Breeder for his money back?  I know, I know, this sounds pretty petty, especially coming from me, the dog Kemba replaced.  But seriously — isn’t he supposed to be
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Home free

Give an Inch . . .

Last Sunday morning, 8AM, Robby stumbled into our bedroom.  “Here’s Kemba,” he announced, then quickly ducked back into his own room before I could react.  It would have been nice if he’d let Kemba
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Remembering Ricky

Happy Birthday to the sweet boy who put the beagle in Beagle Man! We miss you, Ricky.
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Top Jocks

I spent last weekend with two pretty athletic dogs. You’ve heard me bragging about Kemba (named, of course, for UConn/Charlotte Hornets hoops star Kemba Walker) ad nauseum since he was just a tiny
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The THREE Kemba Walkers

Are you kidding me?  Another Kemba in the dog park??  Whaaat???  Of course I knew there was a person named Kemba.  Kemba Walker, the basketball player from UConn.  You know, my namesake?  I get that.
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Dog Pride

A shit-eating grin spread across Greg’s face, he looked over conspiratorially in my direction, and, in that instant, I knew — knew! — I was about to hear another story about Ruckus.  One in which
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