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Kemba and Ruckus Celebrate Thanksgiving


Nasty Habits

Come on, all dogs embarrass their owners — at least sometimes. As they say on those Geico commercials, “it’s what they do.” I, for one, used to eat my own poop. Go ahead, judge me . . . though you

On the Road Again

Finally . . . back in the saddle!  Vermont this time.  But only after spending seven consecutive nights under the same roof!  Can you imagine?!  For one full week I didn’t get to sniff out a new motel
Neither rain nor fog nor darkness can dampen Kemba's excitement . . .

Put It In the Books!

LA/XC-5 DAY 28:  POSTING FROM WESTPORT, CT Final day’s mileage from Staunton, VA to Westport, CT:  429.7 Total LA/XC-5 mileage (final): 7,420.6 Road Music:  Tons of politics — irresistable after

Mr. Spontaneity

LA/XC-5 DAYS TWENTY-SIX AND TWENTY-SEVEN: POSTING FROM STAUNTON, VA Two-day mileage from Tupelo, MS to Staunton, VA: 711.2 Total LA/XC-5 mileage: 6,990.9 Road Music:  Tuesday: Entire Elvis catalogue,

Found Our Beach!

LA/XC-5 DAYS TWENTY-TWO, TWENTY-THREE, TWENTY-FOUR, AND TWENTY-FIVE: POSTING FROM TUPELO, MS Four-day mileage from Fort Stockton, TX to Tupelo, MS: 1,249.9 Total LA/XC-5 mileage: 6,279.7 Road Music:

Wrong Side Of the Tracks

LA/XC-5 DAYS TWENTY AND TWENTY-ONE: POSTING FROM FORT STOCKTON, TX Two-day mileage from Blythe, CA to Fort Stockton, TX:  809.2 Total LA/XC-5 mileage: 5,030.2 Road Music:  Wednesday: Politics on

I Want To Go Home!

I haven’t really complained to Beagle Man yet, but I can tell you guys:  I’ve kind of had it with life on the road.  I don’t like these Best Westerns nearly as much as the Loews Santa Monica Beach