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I Thought He Said I Was Perfect

At 11 o’clock this morning, Beagle Man posted —and I quote — “He’s been an absolutely perfect and wonderful dog so far on this trip.” That’s me he’s talking about, just so you know.  One hour later,

Return To the Killing Fields

LA/XC-5 DAY TWO AND THREE: POSTING FROM DES MOINES, IOWA Two-day mileage from Austintown (suburb of Youngstown), OH to Des Moines, IA: 770.4 Total LA/XC-5 mileage: 1,230.6 Road Music:  Saturday:

Impressive Take-off!

LA/XC-5 DAY ONE: POSTING FROM AUSTINTOWN, OH Today’s mileage: 460.2 Total LA/XC-5 mileage: 460.2 (duh) Road Music:  Sirius Cycle (one-time-only explanation:  I tend to start my road days with the news

Contingency Plans

* * *COUNTDOWN: 6 DAYS TO LA/XC-5 * * * Once again, oldest son Matt will be hitching a ride for a short stretch on my just-around-the-corner (starts in less than one week from today!) Beagle Man

Oh, No! Not Again!

* * *COUNTDOWN: 17 DAYS TO LA/XC-5 * * * What?  We’re picking up and driving from here to Los Angeles — again?  I thought that trip back in April of 2015 was a one-off!  What a nightmare!  Does Beagle

Kemba’s Dilemma

* * *COUNTDOWN: 28 DAYS TO LA/XC-5 * * * Poor Kemba’s been coping with adversity this whole summer. All my dog wants out of life is to fetch the purple squeaky rubber ball that I chuck into the ocean
Party favors

Kemba’s Beach Birthday Bash Growing By Leaps and Bounds!

Last summer, Kemba’s first birthday celebration on #hermanbeach in Amagansett was a relatively low-key affair.  Kept under wraps until the afternoon of the party, and even then only signaled by a

The Horror! The Horror!

Weekend before last, on Friday afternoon, this monstrous, huge, scary ball appeared out of nowhere on the beach, in front of the White Sands Motel.  I made sure to keep as much ground between me