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My Friend Nena

On Thursday, July 7, my good friend Nena (some would say my “girlfriend”) woke up having trouble breathing, so Luz and her niece rushed her to the vet.  There was a mass in her lung, it turns out, and
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To You, This Might Look Like Just Any Old Tennis Ball . . .

Got back from a quicky late-night bite at the Grey Goose.  I’d been gone for maybe 45 minutes.  Kemba greeted me, of course, at the playroom door, all in a lather.  God forbid I’d get back from even
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Mighty Kemba at the Park

The outlook wasn’t sunny over Winslow Park that day; But the parking lot was all but full, and Kemba still had to play. And then when Patricia kicked the ball and Kemba went to get it, Bullet snatched
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No Robby? No Problem!

Was talking last Friday to one of my Hartford writing students — a hardcore dog lover who also happens to be a big-time fan of this blog.  She knows pretty much all there is to know about the LA/XC
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Big Bro, Little Bro

Kemba and Ruckus spent the long Memorial Day weekend together at the beach in Montauk.  The Tuesday after, our daughter-in-law Kelly told us, Ruckus refused to go to Biscuits & Bath, the doggy
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Tennis Balls? Si! Ducks? No!

Should Beagle Man be asking Steve the Breeder for his money back?  I know, I know, this sounds pretty petty, especially coming from me, the dog Kemba replaced.  But seriously — isn’t he supposed to be
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Home free

Give an Inch . . .

Last Sunday morning, 8AM, Robby stumbled into our bedroom.  “Here’s Kemba,” he announced, then quickly ducked back into his own room before I could react.  It would have been nice if he’d let Kemba
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Remembering Ricky

Happy Birthday to the sweet boy who put the beagle in Beagle Man! We miss you, Ricky.
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