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Jay Beagle? Seriously?


Jay Beagle

“Just so you know, there’s a player for the Caps [Washington D.C.’s pro hockey team] named Jay Beagle.”  This was in an e-mail I received yesterday from a BEAGLE MAN follower from our nation’s capital.

Ricky in action

Ricky the Beagle

No, actually I did not know that.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone famous with the last name “Beagle” — though I found the thought intriguing.  So I Googled “People with the last name Beagle,” and was sent to People’s FirstName LastName search.  There were 11 pages of Beagles — from Aaron Beagle to Zora Beagle.  (Some of my favorites:  Yukiko Beagle, Mammie Beagle, and Despina Beagle.)

Not being a hockey fan at all (I’ve seen more Westminster Dog Shows in the last 10 years than I’ve seen hockey games), I wanted to learn a little about this Jay Beagle, and see how he stacks up against my beagle.  Here’s what I discovered:

Jay Beagle:  26 years old (turns 27 in October)

Ricky the Beagle: 8 years old (turns 9 in May)

Jay Beagle: Born in Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

Ricky the Beagle: Born in Templeton, MA

Jay Beagle: 6’3″

Ricky the Beagle: 1’3″

Jay Beagle: 215 lbs.

Ricky the Beagle: 29.5 lbs.

Jay Beagle: Likes to play hockey

Ricky the Beagle: Likes to play steal-the-bacon

Jay Beagle: Wears Washington Capitals jersey

Ricky the Beagle: Wears brown, black, and white fur coat

Jay Beagle: Had tooth punched out earlier this season

Ricky the Beagle: Eats his own poop

Jay's jersey

Readers:  If you know of any other famous “Beagles,” please let me know about them via a comment.  Thanks!

Hank Herman