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Beagles rule 2Why we feel the way we feel about beagles:

•  The very name “beagle” is a cute name  (American Staffordshire Terrier?  Rottweiler?  Scottish Deerhound?  I don’t think so . . . )

Snoopy•  Their velvet ears (OMG!)

•  The way it looks when those ears blow back and up in the wind

•  Snoopy is a beagle

Ricky as Dumbo

All right -- ears back!

•  The handsome white-black-and-brown color scheme

•  The look on their face when they gaze up at you

•  How fierce they are  🙂

Guard Beagle

Sign given me by my friend Mimi after meeting my ferocious dog

•  How determined (stubborn?  impossible?) they are — especially where food is concerned

•  The way the curl up into a furry little ball when they sleep

•  How good they are at nabbing smugglers at the airport


No mere industrial-strength container will keep a determined beagle from his food

•  Let’s not forget Uno winning Westminster back in 2008!

Eating sand at Southport beach

Yum -- Southport Beach has the best sand . . .

•  The jaunty beagle strut — tail in the air, nose to the ground, ears merrily flopping side to side

•  Would you just take a look at Ricky, for God’s sake!

Ricky napping

. . . but eating sand is tiring!

Hank Herman