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Beagles rule 2Why we feel the way we feel about beagles:

•  The very name “beagle” is a cute name  (American Staffordshire Terrier?  Rottweiler?  Scottish Deerhound?  I don’t think so . . . )

Snoopy•  Their velvet ears (OMG!)

•  The way it looks when those ears blow back and up in the wind

•  Snoopy is a beagle

Ricky as Dumbo

All right -- ears back!

•  The handsome white-black-and-brown color scheme

•  The look on their face when they gaze up at you

•  How fierce they are  :)

Guard Beagle

Sign given me by my friend Mimi after meeting my ferocious dog

•  How determined (stubborn?  impossible?) they are — especially where food is concerned

•  The way the curl up into a furry little ball when they sleep

•  How good they are at nabbing smugglers at the airport


No mere industrial-strength container will keep a determined beagle from his food

•  Let’s not forget Uno winning Westminster back in 2008!

Eating sand at Southport beach

Yum -- Southport Beach has the best sand . . .

•  The jaunty beagle strut — tail in the air, nose to the ground, ears merrily flopping side to side

•  Would you just take a look at Ricky, for God’s sake!

Ricky napping

. . . but eating sand is tiring!

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Hank Herman

6 Responses

  1. Heidi says:

    Don’t know much about Beagles, but my Golden Retriever would have a hard time mastering these moves!

  2. Heidi says:

    Well, Ricky may be great, but can he do this??

  3. Hammond Egger says:

    I’d like to mention how cute beagles are when riding in cars with their faces in the wind.Not to mention how everyone talks to her at red lights while we are stopped….

  4. Leslie says:

    A beagle named Diego pulled me over while waiting in the customs line to exit our cruise ship in San Juan! I had left an apple in my beach bag and, being the dutiful Beagle Officer that he was, he sniffed it out and “told” on me!! Soon after, he sniffed out a granola bar in another woman’s bag–what a guy! :)

  5. Mimi says:

    So warm and fuzzy–I feel like family. Please thank Ricky for allowing my name be mentioned in his blog. For now, it’s the blog. Tomorrow–People Magazine. I’m sure they’ll feature him. I saw another rubber chicken I think he’d like, but he made such a commotion with the last one, I hesitated. I haven’t seen a Henrietta Chicken in quite some time. But I’m looking. Ricky’s fierceness comes out when he gets his choppers into those rubber chickens, I tell you. It is frightening. Better shine a light on that sign if I find and send another Henrietta. He could really scare the neighbors.