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You Snooze, You Lose

RRRAnyone watch the whole debate last night?  I listened all day to the analysis on CNN and Fox News (I like to hear what the elephant-guys are thinking) — and then I fell asleep one minute in,  right after Mitt wished Barrack and the Mrs. a happy anniversary!  Damn!  I do enjoy my sleep:  I probably average about 23 hours a day when we’re on the road.  But I really wanted to watch last night (the zingers!  the knockout punch!), and my timing couldn’t have been worse.  So I thought, okay, I’ll get a re-cap from Beagle Man.  You know, Mr. I-never-fall-asleep-unless-I’m-reclining?  Mr. I-didn’t-get-more-than-five-hours-sleep-


It's true, I slept my way across America. (Here's me getting into sleep mode at Greg's friend Maddy's apartment in Chicago)

the-whole-26-days-we-were-on-the-road?  Mr. I-should’ve-been-a-long-distance-trucker?  Yeah, big talk.  Well, the B-Man dozed off shortly after Mitt said he’d be giving Big Bird the pink slip.  (Maybe B.B. and I could go job-hunting together?)  From what I hear, though, B-Man and I weren’t the only ones snoozing.  Gail Collins, my favorite columnist, wrote today:  “I kept peeping at the lines recording their emotions and I swear there were long stretches where the Undecideds nodded off.”  (No, B-Man, you don’t know Gail Collins.  She’s not on the sports page.)  Anyway, I’m gonna get some extra sleep now so I can do a better job of watching Round 2 next week.  Maybe knock back a little Five Hour Energy Drink before they start . . .

Originally I was only going to write The Roof Rack Report while we were on the road (#roofrackreport on Twitter, for those who follow me already on @BeagleManHank), but now I think I’m gonna keep it up through the election next month.  Same deal as before, though:  Food trumps The Roof Rack Report, if there’s only time for one.

Ricky the Beagle