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Mock Debate

RRRMrs. Beagle Man thought the veep did real well last night, holding down the fort while Barry licked his wounds and got ready for next week.  “Sort of Biden his time?” B-Man said.  They both thought this was a riot.  The thing that impressed me was what a great guy old Joe is.  I’ve always liked him — but to give his time


Color-coordinated: Red bandage, red collar, red leash

and go on TV and debate a high school student?! (Actually, wasn’t that kid a friend of Robby’s??)  I mean, seriously, Biden’s been to Afghanistan and Iraq like 20 times, and this kid Paul went there once or twice with Builders Beyond Borders?  Mrs. B-Man was obsessed — same as last week — with the squiggly lines at the bottom of the screen.  She kept saying the kid was scoring high with the females — probably because of those twinkly



blue eyes.  It’s true, color can be important:  Check out my new bright red bandage on my front left paw.  Cool, huh?  So you know how B-Man constantly makes fun of how I can’t stay awake?  Malarkey!  I watched a good 10 minutes of last night’s debate.  And speaking of that:  Could someone please wake me next Tuesday night when the real debates start up again?

Originally I was only going to write The Roof Rack Report while we were on the road (#roofrackreport on Twitter, for those who follow me already on @BeagleManHank), but now I think I’m gonna keep it up through the election next month.  Same deal as before, though:  Food trumps The Roof Rack Report, if there’s only time for one.

Ricky the Beagle