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Barry Wins — And Then Thanks Ricky!

Oh, sure, I was around in 2004 and 200RRR8, but I didn’t take part in those elections the way I did this year.  I mean . . . my own blog? And actually being allowed inside the polling place? They didn’t know quite what to make of me at first:  B-Man asked a campaigner outside if it would be all right if he brought his dog in, and the guy mumbled, “I don’t see why not.”  Ditto for the woman in the front hallway.  Finally, an old lady volunteer came charging out, asking Mrs. B-Man, “What’s your name?” — but only because Mrs. B. took a picture of me using a flash, which is a


Outside Greens Farms School at 7 PM, trying to sway my last few voters

pparently a big no-no.  Anyway . . . know what impressed me most when we were back home watching TV?  Yup — CNN’s John King and his “Magic Map.”  Did you see his fingers fly?! I’ll bet he practices that a lot. I was also pretty proud during Barry’s acceptance speech when he said, “I want to thank every American who participated in this election.”  Who do you figure he was talking about?  Exactly. Do you think, though, that maybe deep down, in the middle of all the excitement, he was just a tiny bit disappointed that he won?  Like, okay, I won. Now I gotta deal with that freakin’ deficit and get all those dudes back to work and fight the crazy bad guys for four more years! And I could have just been playing hoops and pulling down big bucks on the lecture circuit . . .

Originally I was planning to stop writing The Roof Rack Report (#roofrackreport on Twitter, for those who follow me already on @BeagleManHank) right after the election, but by popular demand, I’m going to keep right on going with it.  Hey,  I still have a lot on my mind . . .

Ricky the Beagle