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Setting the Record Straight

RRRDid it ever occur to anyone around here that the “What Ricky Likes” contest should have been judged by, uh — Ricky? Seriously.  One of the reasons I’m so glad to finally have my own Roof Rack Report is that after hearing for over a year about what I supposedly think and what I supposedly like and why I supposedly do the things I do — now I can tell you the truth about what’s going on between these velvety ears of mine.  And for starters . . . Greg was right! Riding in the car is my favorite thing!  Sure, as Beagle Man so cleverly points out, I’ll make a beeline to the way-back for my food supply every chance I get.  And I’ll jump out of the car the moment I hear my dinner hit the tin bowl.  But you try going from 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM on two


Beagle Man's idea of a great Sunday. Another hike. How imaginative.

measly spoonfuls of kibble, and then tell me about your priorities.  It’s not that I love eating better than driving; it’s that I’m freakin’ starving! Oh, and btw?  Those Sunday hikes B-Man thinks I love so much?  I tolerate them — but only because I can extort all those treats out of him as bribes for forward progress.  Jeez, hasn’t he noticed yet that I move a helluva lot faster on the way back to the car than I do on the way out?

The Roof Rack Report (#roofrackreport on Twitter, for those who follow me already on @BeagleManHank) will continue to appear on Mondays and will deal with travel, topical subjects, and whenever possible, food.

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2 Responses

  1. Hank says:

    Interesting idea . . .

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Hank-

    I was lying in bed the other morning and Ricky suddenly came to mind.Have you ever taken different pictures of his face when he is expressing different emotions? Like “happy”,”excited”,”hungry”,”frightened”…etc.Just wondering.See you soon!