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Setting the Record Straight

RRRDid it ever occur to anyone around here that the “What Ricky Likes” contest should have been judged by, uh — Ricky? Seriously.  One of the reasons I’m so glad to finally have my own Roof Rack Report is that after hearing for over a year about what I supposedly think and what I supposedly like and why I supposedly do the things I do — now I can tell you the truth about what’s going on between these velvety ears of mine.  And for starters . . . Greg was right! Riding in the car is my favorite thing!  Sure, as Beagle Man so cleverly points out, I’ll make a beeline to the way-back for my food supply every chance I get.  And I’ll jump out of the car the moment I hear my dinner hit the tin bowl.  But you try going from 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM on two


Beagle Man's idea of a great Sunday. Another hike. How imaginative.

measly spoonfuls of kibble, and then tell me about your priorities.  It’s not that I love eating better than driving; it’s that I’m freakin’ starving! Oh, and btw?  Those Sunday hikes B-Man thinks I love so much?  I tolerate them — but only because I can extort all those treats out of him as bribes for forward progress.  Jeez, hasn’t he noticed yet that I move a helluva lot faster on the way back to the car than I do on the way out?

The Roof Rack Report (#roofrackreport on Twitter, for those who follow me already on @BeagleManHank) will continue to appear on Mondays and will deal with travel, topical subjects, and whenever possible, food.

Ricky the Beagle