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Check It Out: Ricky’s Bar & Grill, Hank’s Fine Furniture!

RRRBet you didn’t know that Ricky’s Bar & Grill in Seattle has “nice healthy options” and “the staff is always very friendly and courteous”?  (Insider Pages)  Or that Hank’s Fine Furniture, with a whole bunch of locations in the South, has been repeatedly voted “the Best of the Best place to buy furniture in Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas”?  Those two are just a couple of the places I want to visit next September.  Remember at the


You probably can't tell, but I actually fudged this photo

beginning of LA/XC-2, when Beagle Man said our plan was to stop at random spots named “Hank’s” or “Ricky’s” all along our route, and take pictures of us in front of them?  Know how many times we did that?  Exactly zero! So if B-Man won’t take the time to do the research, then I’ll do it for him.  I’ll even load the addresses into his beloved Garmin!  Besides the two amazing establishments I’ve mentioned, I’ve also located Ricky’s Nails in Morrisville, Pennsylvania; Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill in San Leandro, California; Hank’s Oyster Bar in Alexandria, Virginia (hey, my good friend Toby the Bichon lives there!); and Hank’s Ice Cream in Houston.  And it’s not even Christmas yet; I still have nine months to keep looking!  Oh, and don’t worry, Matt:  If you decide to come along, I’ll find a bunch of “Matt’s” places, too.

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