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And This Is How They Spent Their Weekend?

RRRWe were in VT for the weekend.  Yup, they finally took me along.  It’s about time. Anyway, Beagle Man went skiing at Stratton on Saturday, with Greg & Kelly, Geiger & Ashley, and Fighting Geli-ni.  It was 9 degrees when they left the house, and reached a high of 13.  They took the lift to the top of the mountain, then skied down.  Then they took the lift back up, and skied down again.  Took the lift up, skied down.  If I heard


My alternative to skiing

them right, and if I can believe my ears, they did this 12-14 times.  And what did I do on Saturday?  Please see photo.  On Sunday, it was a balmy 18 degrees, and the B-Man went cross-country skiing — by himself.  He jogged through the snow for 3 miles on those skinny skis — worked up quite a sweat — and wound up . . . where?  Exactly where he started! And what did I do on Sunday?  Again, see photo.  Given all this, who do you think should be calling the shots around here?  Thank you.

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Ricky the Beagle