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Vermont Pee Party

RRRMaybe it was something I ate, but I wasn’t myself the whole weekend.  I couldn’t seem to hold it in, and I peed on the carpet in the living room, the ping pong room . . . pretty much everywhere.  Mrs. Beagle Man was beside herself, literally screaming at B-Man:  “And you’re actually thinking of getting another dog?!  Well, it’ll be all yours!” I felt bad about the carpets, but I have to admit, it was pretty funny watching Mrs. B go nuts.  So on Sunday my friends Frankie & Roxy come over, and I wink at Frankie as he waddles in.  He’s a dachshund, and we hounds stick together.  Next thing you know, he takes a whiz right next to the foosball table!  Poor Mrs. B has to act

3 dogs

Three amigos

like it’s no big deal, because Frankie’s “company,” but I can tell she’s boiling. Then, while she gives Hal and Carole a tour of the house, Frankie poops in the master bedroom!  By now Hal and Carole and B-Man and Mrs. B are tripping all over each other for the Nature’s Miracle and the paper towels . . . and Roxy slips away for a stealth pee by the Franklin stove.  The grown-ups clean that one up, sit down for lunch, and I can’t resist:  I poop right next to the dining room table! OMG, Frankie and Roxy and I almost died laughing.  Those two are the best. I’m gonna have to have them over more often.

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Ricky the Beagle