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My Trip To Town Hall

RRRBeagle Man asked Robby to lift me into the shotgun seat of his Jeep.  He always says it’s because of his back, but I think he just gets lazy.  Anyway, he told Robby he was taking me to Town Hall to renew my dog license.  “What does he need a dog license for?” Robby asked.  “To show he’s a dog?”  I was kind of wondering the same thing.  I thought it might be for driving . . . but then I remembered that the B-Man already tried to get me a driver’s license, and you may remember how that turned out


License, shmicense. Just keep those treats coming.

(see “Beagle, Take the Wheel”).  I don’t know . . . maybe proof so I could go drinking at the Duck, or Viva’s?  Whatev.  If it means a trip in the car, it’s all good.  Anyway, we drive downtown, and it turns out B-Man is good friends with the Town Clerk, a nice lady named Patty.  She makes a big fuss over me — so what else is new? — and bends down to give me a treat.  B-Man tries to photograph this encounter, but of course he doesn’t know how to use his iPhone camera and needs to find someone under 1,000 years old to do it for him.  Which is fine with me, because the longer he takes, the more treats I get.  Patty also prepares my new 2013 dog tag, which she calls “jewelry.”  Screw the jewelry; how ’bout we just stick to the treats?

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Ricky the Beagle