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Depart From Beagle Man’s Plan? I Don’t Think So . . .

RRRSo it turns out we did hike the Lye Brook Trail after all, even though Beagle Man wrote in his last post that we

Lye Brook

Me on the Lye Brook Trail

couldn’t.  About an hour-and-a-half before we were supposed to leave VT on Friday, the sun broke out — and you know what that means.  If it’s a nice day . . .   And since Mr. Obsessive had it in his head we were supposed to do the Lye Brook Trail, then by God, that’s what we were going to do!  Even though we had less than an hour.  Even though it had poured for two whole days and the trail was slick and muddy.  There was no way we were actually going to make it to the falls and back — 4.6 miles round trip.  But we had to at least start out.  Of course, I have absolutely no doubt we’ll be doing more of this trail another time.  God forbid we don’t make it all the way to the falls!  As to my sitting in on his writing class Wednesday on the way up?  Where do we get this assumption that he should be teaching me how to write?  If I’m not mistaken, we have quite a few followers who prefer my quick and pithy Roof Rack Reports to his never-ending


. . . and with my friends at Trinity

meanderings.  When we first arrived at Trinity I just paced the classroom, checking these two plastic garbage cans maybe 85 billion times.  I heard the B-Man say, sarcastically, “Does he really think he’s gonna find something the next time he checks?” but I didn’t let that stop me.  Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and put the cans up on the window seat, out of my reach — so I got into my doggy bed and enjoyed a little shut-eye.  His students were nice people, and I might go back and visit them again some time.

The Roof Rack Report (#roofrackreport on Twitter, for those who follow me already on @BeagleManHank) appears on Mondays, usually.  Actually, whenever Beagle Man decides to give me some space . . .

Ricky the Beagle