Bethel Cycle’s Own Head to France

Bethel Cycle Riders, Swiss Alps, 2010

by Jennifer Leavitt-Wipf

Ten local cyclists headed to France in June to traverse the same path taken by some 200 of the most skilled riders in the world who will take part in this year’s 98th tour through France. Tour de France is referred to as the “creme de la creme of cycling competitions.”

Tour de France is one of the only annual sporting events in which every every region of the world is represented. This year, it began on July 2 and will finish on July 25 at the Avenue des Champs-Élysees in Paris. Riders will cover 3,430.5 kilometers in 21 stages.

Some members of the Bethel group are also competing in their own amateur race, as part of Bethel Cycle’s second annual French Alps Camp this summer. They are staying at Chalet Merlo in the village of Le Miroir. They have been braving climbs that last as long as 90 minutes, on mountain passes up to 10,000 feet, often on the same roads as regular vehicles, and without guardrails. The high point of the race will be Stage 19, on top of Alpe-d’Huez.

To follow our local cyclists, or the Tour de France, see the Bethel Cycle blogs.

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Kerry Anne Ducey

2 Responses

  1. Don Bullock says:

    Now if they could just learn the bicycling laws of Connecticut, and road etiquette.