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Bethel Bakes for Bela!


Bethel Bakes for Bela!!!!

I recently came across a Facebook post about a Bethel mother selling raffle tickets to raise money so that her terminally ill daughter and the rest of her family could attend a yearly convention for a disease that is affecting her daughter.  The Facebook post took me to CaringBridge, a website that connects family and friends with patients undergoing treatment for serious diseases. It was there that I learned about Isabela, an adorable six year old that has Juvenile Tay Sachs Disease.   I immediately found myself deep in thought…how can I help this family?

Empathy moved me and I reached out to Isabela’s mom, Floribeth who took time to explain her daughter’s debilitating disease. “Isabela was born “normal”, hitting all of the typical milestones…she  rolled over, sat up, crawled, walked and even talked,” explains Floribeth. It was not until her little girl was three that Floribeth noticed something was not right. After many medical tests, it was determined that Isabela had Juvenile Tay Sachs Disease, an autosomal recessive genetic disorder that  causes a relentless deterioration of mental and physical abilities that commences around six months of age and usually results in death by the age of four. Isabela is now six years old. “She has lost most of her hearing, most of her sight; she is fed through a feeding tube and needs full time nursing care,” says Floribeth.

Together we can help this Bethel family who desperately wants to attend this year’s  34TH Annual Tay Sachs Disease Family Convention which will be held on April 19th – April 22nd in Orlando, Florida.  It is at the convention that the family will receive the support and education they need to plan brighter tomorrow’s for Isabela.

“Bethel Bakes for Bela” will be held during the Bethel Blooms Spring Festival and Art Walk on March 31st in the lawn of the Municipal Center. It is also the day of the Easter Egg Hunt. Please contact me if you are interested in baking, donating or helping in any way at

We are hoping to raise all the money necessary to help Isabela’s family enjoy this year’s convention stress free.  Bethel is an amazing community and I have no doubt we will have several volunteers to meet our goals.

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Kerry Anne Ducey

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