Shelf notes: Hemingway’s grocery lists, sensational memoirs

If most Americans can’t come to Hemingway’s home in Cuba, then some  of his belongings are coming to them: the JFK Library in Boston will acquire 2,000 digital copies of Hemingway’s papers, including

Shelf notes: ‘Gatsby’ fever and literary dachshunds

Copies of “The Great Gatsby” are selling at an “extraordinary” rate, thanks to the publicity surrounding the Leonardo DiCaprio film of the novel, set to open on May 10. One caveat: do not read the

‘Add New Post’

I’ve approached the blank page, wincing a little as I type. It’s been months and months since I’ve last posted anything – mea culpa – and, in the intervening time, there have been so many worthy books

Book News

For the third year in a row, Edgar Allan Poe’s biggest fan has failed to materialize at his grave in Baltimore: “When he appears, the Toaster is typically shrouded in a long coat, his head covered

Without Borders

When the Borders Books on High Ridge Road announced its doors were closing a few months ago, I witnessed a mad rush of customers eager to scoop up the last of the ailing store’s goods. Interminably

Once upon a midnight dreary

Image via WikipediaEdgar Allan Poe – spinner of spine-tinglers and tales of hearts that won’t stay still – immediately springs to mind when Halloween approaches. Few other horror stories in literature

Book spotting

I was wandering through the Ferguson Library the other day, with no determined purpose, when I spotted one of the usual book displays on the first floor and noticed that the arrangement of the books

‘Dramatizing the act of reading’

When I first read “The Great Gatsby”, it was summer — the best time of year, I think, to become acquainted with Gatsby’s decadent stretch of Long Island. Lying on the beach, I flipped through