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The books we’ll embed in our skulls

This blog got me thinking (which I guess is exactly what it’s supposed to do) about what books from our time will be considered classics generations from now — providing, of course, that people still

Checking In

Hi guys….Yes I did get a note from Monica freeing me from A-Rod. I’m happy to say the book has been passed on to a Yankees fan recovering from knee surgery. Not sure I did him a favor. On a much

‘Achingly trite’ meta

Elizabeth, it looks like Dave has left us. He is on vacation this week, but didn’t leave before asking me if I expected him to read and blog about A-Rod while he was gone. I told him I did not. I

‘Netherland’ and my view of the cricket pitch

ABOVE: Ernest Murrell, right, of the Stamford CC, and Rahul Francois, of St. John’s CC during a friendly last year. 6/27/2009 STAMFORD – Sitting at a picnic table in Lione Park, brown bagging a

Before A-Rod, RM

In order to get started on our book club choice, Roberts’s A-Rod biography, I had to finish the mammoth 1,160-page book that I had started in April, “The Power Broker” by Robert Moses. The book had

Ohhhh, what happened, Selena?

That’s the question that I keep asking myself as I read through some of the truly wince-worthy passages that Monica has already quoted in her earlier post. The prose is laughably cliche in some

You can’t spell bored without (A)R-o-d

Well I have spent a good part of the evening putting on my rally cap to try and catch up with Monica in reading “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez. I have to admit, it hasn’t been easy. Let me

A sleepy start

I had hoped to get deeper into the book last night than I did, but I got caught up doing other work, didn’t start reading until 1 a.m. and only made it through the prologue before falling alseep.

When writers digress

Liz and Dave, I’ve read through the prologue and first three chapters of “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez,” and so far my initial response is the most important: I’m done reading prologues. I

Bloomsday in Stamford

Chris Preovolos/Staff photo Our colleague Jeff Morganteen wrote an article about Sunday’s celebration of perhaps the biggest novel of all, Ulysses, by James Joyce.  Read the article from Monday’s