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Once upon a midnight dreary

Image via Wikipedia Edgar Allan Poe – spinner of spine-tinglers and tales of hearts that won’t stay still – immediately springs to mind when Halloween approaches. Few other horror stories in literature have quite the bone-chilling, heart-stopping quality of Poe’s, peopled with devious killers and strange, haunting manifestations of guilt. I’ve never quite been able to […] [Read More]

Book spotting

I was wandering through the Ferguson Library the other day, with no determined purpose, when I spotted one of the usual book displays on the first floor and noticed that the arrangement of the books seemed a little…familiar. “This Side of Paradise” next to “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit”? “A Connecticut Yankee in […] [Read More]

‘Dramatizing the act of reading’

When I first read “The Great Gatsby”, it was summer — the best time of year, I think, to become acquainted with Gatsby’s decadent stretch of Long Island. Lying on the beach, I flipped through sun-soaked pages of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s languid prose, wishing I could dust off my sandy feet and step straight into […] [Read More]
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