Shelf notes: Hemingway’s grocery lists, sensational memoirs

If most Americans can’t come to Hemingway’s home in Cuba, then some  of his belongings are coming to them: the JFK Library in Boston will acquire 2,000 digital copies of Hemingway’s papers, including letters, grocery lists, reports of hurricane sightings, and bar bills.

“How did we get here, angels?” Michael Kammen at the Los Angeles Review of Books on Kerouac becoming Kerouac.

American Author Ernest Hemingway with sons Pat...

American Author Ernest Hemingway with sons Patrick (left) and Gregory (right) with kittens in Finca Vigia, Cuba. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Irish writer Edna O’Brien, author of “The Country Girls”, among other books, and familiar of Paul McCartney, Marlon Brando and Philip Roth (to name just a few), has written what sounds like a sensational memoir.

A guide to other cities for New Yorkers looking to settle elsewhere, but still feel at home. “Laurel Canyon = Greenwich Village. A lot of weird stuff went on there in the ’60s, and a lot of weird people lived there and did weird things and wrote songs and books about it. It’s still thought of as pretty ‘bohemian,’ even if everything is too expensive for weird people to really live there anymore.”

More of Papa: Hemingway as ballet? The Washington Ballet is giving “The Sun Also Rises” a whirl.



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