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Reading Rainbow, a favorite from my childhood, is to end its 26-year run, NPR reports. I’m so sad. How will kids know what to read without LeVar Burton?

Eat your words

As the summer melts blissfully into the thick, sultry humidity of August, the library can become a delicious oasis of cool; the air-conditioned stacks of arid-smelling books and chilled silence of the

Memories of the late Frank McCourt, seven months after our interview

When I interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt back on Jan. 20, in anticipation of his talk at Purchase (N.Y.) College the following week, he sounded positively vibrant. His incisive

In Florence with no Baedeker: Reading ‘A Room With a View’

My perusal of E.M. Forster’s classic novel began with such good intentions.  With wholesome, faintly academic fervor, I embraced the prospect of reading  the imperishable “A Room With a View” after

The books we’ll embed in our skulls

This blog got me thinking (which I guess is exactly what it’s supposed to do) about what books from our time will be considered classics generations from now — providing, of course, that people still