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New books

I’ve been meaning to read Ian McEwan’s new novel “Solar” since it came out on March 30 — a new novel by McEwan is always a large treat for me, and I’ve been savoring the prospect of this new read. Despite its somewhat mixed reviews, the premise of this new – and comic – novel […] [Read More]

Freakonomics, Super edition, belated review

I finished Superfreakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, last week but, with the president’s visit and increasing election coverage, haven’t had time yet to give you an update. So here it comes, though I’m not going to review it, per se. As you may know, the book’s stirred some controversy because the scientist quoted […] [Read More]

A book about a chimp retreat

I’ve been meaning to share this for some time, but Charles Siebert, an author who had an interesting New York Times Magazine piece about whales in July, also wrote a book about a retirement home for former ape movie stars. I thought the book, The Wauchula Woods Accord: Toward a New Understanding of Animals, might […] [Read More]

Evans brings methane hydrate debate to the surface with new novel

I’ve nearly finished “Frozen Fire,” the new techno-thriller by Greenwich resident Bill Evans, and it’s clear the WABC meteorologist can do more than give the weather report — he also tells an engaging story. Even more importantly, Evans has brought to the surface a little-known, but highly divisive debate over the potential use of methane […] [Read More]