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The Supreme Court lag

As Chris pointed out in his first post about “The Nine” by Jeffrey Toobin, the battle over the Supreme Court has been framed by a for the last three decades by an ideological debate between those who

A postscript on ‘The Nine’

Monica, I was also surprised to learn that the Supreme Court does not always function as we think it would or should. For example, I was very surprised to read that at no time after hearing the

Office politics among the nine

One of the most surprising discoveries for readers of Toobin’s book is that Supreme Court justices are subject to the vagaries of office politics and annoyances. Apparently, former Chief Justice

Hearings and judicial activism

I think Chris’ summary of the main issue presented in this book is very insightful.  The Supreme Court has become the battlefield for the ideological battles being fought between factions — the

Confirmations and WWSD*

Buried within the ideological debate that Toobin sets up, as Chris points out, in the first 100 pages or so of “The Nine,” are little tidbits that hint at the way confirmation hearings have changed. I

Looking at the high court from a legal point of view

As an attorney who has practiced during the Rehnquist and now the Roberts era – where 5 to 4 decisions are a common occurrence — I hold my breath each time an important decision comes down from the

Toobin, O.J. and the New Yorker

A few months ago I attended a talk by Tina Brown, part of a magazine journalism lecture series at Columbia University, where she mostly talked about her newest venture, The Daily Beast. Brown is most

RBG’s place in the nine

What’s most interesting to me about “The Nine” — and the primary reason I’ve wanted to read it — is that it reveals the amazing and eccentric characters our Supreme Court is made of. Perhaps none

‘The Nine’ of the Supreme Court

For our second book selection, we’ll be reading “The Nine”, Jeffrey Toobin’s inside look at the tail end of the Rehnquist court (no, not the short-lived series on ABC.) All of this is just in time to