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Shelf notes: Hemingway’s grocery lists, sensational memoirs

If most Americans can’t come to Hemingway’s home in Cuba, then some  of his belongings are coming to them: the JFK Library in Boston will acquire 2,000 digital copies of Hemingway’s papers, including

Wrestling’s “Cocktail of Death” author tours

Update: An earlier version of this post mixed up the dates for Muchnick’s book tour. See the correct dates below! Author Irvin Muchnick will drop by Borders Thursday night, promoting his book “CHRIS

Non-fiction fiction

I’ve realized, somewhat belatedly, that in my post about not reading enough fiction I erred in adding Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt to the list. My conscious brain realized that it was

Guilty pleasures in fiction

Before we started reading “The Nine” I unsuccessfully tried to cram in one of my favorite guilty pleasures: “Wicked Prey,” the latest in a series of mysteries by a former Twin Cities journalist who

A breezy day in Devil’s Den

I went hiking in the Lucius Pond Ordway/Devil’s Den Preserve in Weston Friday and, for the first time, I understood the inspiration for the naturalists and poets from New England. It was such a breezy