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Now I feel bad

Well, I finished “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez.” It didn’t end as badly, with all the heavy psychoanalysis, as it began. But it didn’t end well. The book didn’t really tell us anything

‘Achingly trite’ meta

Elizabeth, it looks like Dave has left us. He is on vacation this week, but didn’t leave before asking me if I expected him to read and blog about A-Rod while he was gone. I told him I did not. I

‘Netherland’ and my view of the cricket pitch

ABOVE: Ernest Murrell, right, of the Stamford CC, and Rahul Francois, of St. John’s CC during a friendly last year. 6/27/2009 STAMFORD – Sitting at a picnic table in Lione Park, brown bagging a

Sports for a non-sports person

Elizabeth and Dave, thanks for reading the book with me! I’ll think we’re in for a really interesting discussion. To answer your question, Elizabeth, I’m going to ‘fess up and admit that I actually am

Oh, Selena!

Thanks, Monica and Dave, for inviting me to join the fray and kick start the book blog. Since you took me up on my suggestion to start off with Selena Robert’s book on Alex Rodriguez, I’m preparing to

For our first book selection, a Yankee

Starting June 22, we’ll be reading “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez” by Selena Roberts, a former New York Times sports columnist and writer for Sports Illustrated. Dave Ruden, Elizabeth Kim

Notes about reading our first selection

I have to admit, the overriding reason for my participation in discussing “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez,” is to help my colleague Monica get her blog off the ground. As a fellow blogger, I