Happy Holidays…

Well it’s that time of year again. My annual holiday shout out to all things great and small in the City of Danbury.

Special thanks to our city department heads and staff who work hard to maintain our quality of life in Danbury.

To all of our state legislators, local elected officials and our volunteers that serve on our boards and commissions, thank you for your care and concern about our city.

Thanks to the News-Times staff, led by Art Cummings, my twitter pals Jacky Smith and Brian Koonz as well as all of the wonderful reporters, Dirk Perrefort, Pirro (it’s just “Pirro”), Karen Ali, Eileen Fitzgerald, Keith Whammond (the techie guy), Melissa Bruen, Dan Cohen, Bob Miller, Sue Tuz, and the rest of the team.

Here’s to keeping Danbury’s paper around for another year..

Then there’s the radio stations- WLAD/98Q, Irv (you thought I forgot ya didn’t ya?), Debbie, Jillian (I promise to call you back in 2010), and of course Bart! Pudgie,  Dave Rinelli and the whole team.

Let’s not forget I-95/Y105, Ethan, Lou, Pam Brooks, Mr. Morning (How ya like them sewers?), and the team in Brookfield.

Let’s hope you all have a great year.

To Wayne Shepperd, glad you retired aren’t you?

To our Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sal, and the Board of Ed.-  great year, thanks for your dedication.

Here are some holiday wishes for our city and it’s residents: a stable state budget that we can count on, public ownership of the Transfer Station, no snow so we can save money on our snow budget (we have had enough, don’t you think?-the novelty has worn off), economic development galore,  and..

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…

Phyllis and I would like to thank the residents of Danbury for all of your support 2009. It has been a hard year, both professionally and personally (you reading this Dad? I love you-get better), but your kindness, faith, and compassion have helped us through many a rough day.

We have some decisions to make over the holidays, so stay tuned..

PS. Special thanks to Colonial Ford for providing a new car to the George family after they lost everything in a fire several weeks ago. That is the true spirit of the holiday season.