Project Homeless Connect.

On Friday December 10th, an extraordinary event will take place on the mid-town campus of Western Connecticut State University at the Bill Williams Gym.

It is our annual Project Homeless Connect program. The Project Homeless Connect program connects our homeless population with services that are available in Danbury and the Greater Danbury area–all under one roof.

Everything from free medical care, free dental care, mental health consultations,  and housing opportunities, are available to our homeless population on this day.

Westconn students help with the logistics, and our committee of volunteers for Project Homeless Connect spend the day working with those individuals and families that are facing some of the most difficult situations in their lives.

If you want to help or donate you can visit the web page and contact the members of the committee.

Why is it extraordinary? It’s extraordinary because for this day, our service providers are united in approach and mission.

It is extraordinary because of the random acts of kindness that take place between strangers at this event– acts of compassion and caring.

It is extraordinary because you witness many of our most challenged residents taking the first tentative steps at turning their lives around.

It is extraordinary because it reminds us of lucky we are.

Finally, it is extraordinary because it teaches us about the true meaning of the holiday season.