Danbury’s 325th Anniversary Coming at Ya!

This weekend we will celebrate our 325th anniversary in the City of Danbury. We will kick off our festivities at 6 pm on Friday evening when we unveil the “Museum in the Streets” initiative. On

Special Thanks To The Norwich Bulletin For Their Endorsement.

This morning I was honored to recieve the endorsement of my candidacy for Lieutenant Governor by the Norwich Bulletin, a major daily in Eastern Connecticut. Meeting with editorial boards has been an

City of Danbury Implements Free Electronic Rcycling.

Tired of that old computer or TV hanging around your house? The City of Danbury is starting a new free service to allow our residents to dispose of those hard to get rid of e- waste items. The

Stay Cool..

Just a quick update. The heat continues to boil, make sure that you stay indoors as much as possible. We have set up “cooling centers” at Veterans Hall in Rogers Park and Hatters Park. If tomorrow is

It’s All About The Jobs..

While today’s jobs report is not the best news for the country, we have had a spat of good news for the Danbury labor market. Dick’s Sporting Goods and 21– an upscale clothing store isĀ  moving into

Over 500 residents sign up for Senior Property Tax Freeze.

In anticipation of the City Council looking favorably on the proposed Senior Tax Freeze ordinance, over 500 residents have signed up to participate. The program will freeze property taxes at the

Looking For a Good Time This Summer? Ives Center has it all..

The Charles Ives Center located on the westside campus of Western Connecticut State University, is an open air venue for concerts, and festivals. The Ives Center is run by the Charles Ives Authority,

Worth every nickel- DHS shines with “Annie Get Your Gun”

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a performance of “Annie get your gun” at Danbury High School. What a performance it was. Our students were absolutely terrific. They were professional at