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Port Chester Motor Vehicle Death


Talk at Albert’s Barber Shop today was about someone being killed in Port Chester yesterday (Friday, August 28th) and that causing traffic to back up in Byram for some time.

I called the desk sergeant at PCPD to ask about it.  They were not ready to make a public comment yet, but he did share that the person wasn’t killed but passed away and the circumstances are under investigation.

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La charla en la peluqueria de Albert es que sucedio una muerte en Port Chester ayer (Viernes 28 de Agosto) y causa retardos de tráfico en Byram por algún tiempo.

Hable con el sargento en PCPD para hacer unas preguntas.  No estaban dispuestos para disimular commentario publicamente, pero si me dijo que la persona no fue matada, si no que murio y las circumstanzias siguen bajo investigacion.

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