Connecticut Ranked Worst in State of the States Article

Taxes and the number of items taxed going up?  State property along I-95 looking more and more like a post-apocalypse scene from Mad Max?  If that doesn’t tell you how the Democrats have managed Connecticut maybe this article from Barrons will.  Barrons looked at the combined debt and unfunded pension liabilities relative to GDP and compared the 50 states: Connecticut came in dead last with unfunded pensions and debt liabilities at 17% of GDP.  New York was only 5.7%.  I don’t personally see any change until we get rid of the Democratic-controlled Connecticut General Assembly, they’ve shown no interest in doing anything at all, never mind doing anything to control spending.  And we can only hope our rock-star Governor gets picked for something in Washington and moves.  Way to go Connecticut, we couldn’t even beat out Illinois in this comparison.

Read the Barrons article here.

John Bowman