Connecticut Supreme Court Frees Rapist

Once again I am embarrassed to live in Connecticut.  This week our wonderful liberal courts ruled that a rapist should go free because the woman, who is so physically handicapped that she is only able to make motions with her right index finger and has the “intellectual functional equivalent of a 3-year-old,” didn’t say no.

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The court ruled along with defense lawyers that she could have kicked or bitten the attacker to show her lack of consent.  Madness!

So our laws are so flawed that a court can rule that a woman with a 3-year-old intellect and cerebral palsy must bite her attacker, a requirement that a healthy, speaking woman doesn’t have to meet.  This appeal has been going on since 2010, so everyone has known long before today that the law is flawed. 

Meanwhile, up in Harford this year our General Assembly passed laws: prohibiting unnecessary collection of Social Security numbers, a law requiring state agencies to put their regulations online, Sunday liquor sales, a mercury thermostat collection and recycling program, a mattress stewardship program for recycling mattresses and a ten month delay in jury duty for breastfeeding mothers. 

Nice work, glad you’re focusing on all the right things in Harford with the extra time you have because you aren’t focusing at all on the budget. 

John Bowman