Lots of New Sunday Trains

Weekend at the Greenwich Train Station

The news articles and emails from our State reps weren’t very specific about the new Metro North trains, except to say weekend service is increased.  A closer look at the schedules shows some great news: Sunday schedule is now the same as Saturday!  If you’re a frequent weekend rider like me you know that trains are every 1/2 hour on Saturday and every hour on Sunday.  No more, starting at 11:12, trains leave Greenwich for Grand Central at :12 and :39 past the hour until 5:12, when they go back to hourly (:12 past the hour). 

Coming back to Greenwich from Grand Central, trains are every hour at :37 past the hour until 2:10, when they are every half hour (:10 and :37 past the hour) until 9:40, when the go back to hourly (:40 past). 

Another bonus, there are some 3rd trains every hour from Grand Central to Greenwich that are express trains – only a 39 minute ride (vs. the usual local train 51 minutes).  Those trains depart at :34 past the hour starting at 3:34 through 9:34.  Catch one of those if you can.

John Bowman