Parking Ticket Madness

An interesting letter to the editor in the paper on Sunday told the story of Greenwich Police ticketing”hundreds of vehicles” at the Staples/Greenwich game on Thanksgiving.  Evidently some were parked on the grass and side streets.  Oh my!  Seriously, is this necessary?  The Town has a history of relaxing parking rules for big events, the fireworks comes to mind, people park all over everywhere for that.  Why can’t the same be done for an event like the traditional Staples Thanksgiving game?  Why?  My guess is this is just another example of Town Hall not

Will they be ticketing cars at the Concours this year?

keeping their eye on the ball and actually thinking before acting.  Another question this raises is why did they build the stadium to all these people if they don’t have enough parking to accommodate them.  Really dumb, but not surprising.

Solution, apologize and void the tickets.  But I’m not holding my breath.

John Bowman