Fire Departments Have to Borrow $ for Training???

The Cos Volunteer Fire Police Patrol has to borrow money to pay for training because it takes so long to get reimbursed by the town?  Thanks to Fred Camillo for arranging it, but is anyone else embarrassed that our town’s administrative nonsense makes this necessary?  See the story here.

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John Bowman

3 Responses

  1. Joe Kaliko says:

    Your right again. We have had occations to worry about sending people wanting to be trained and help the town as volees because of cash flow. It would be great if the BOS proposed a fund to do just what the bank is doing…..and “float” the expense…paying the tuition directly for anyone approved by the volunteer company to go to school.

    Hope someone picks up that ball!

    John, thank you for your interest!

  2. John Bowman says:

    Thanks for your comment. I’m sure the Fire Police didn’t want to embarrass the town and what a great solution they found! But I can’t help thinking that this situation means that training is delayed not because the town doesn’t pay for it, and the Fire Co needs to raise $, but because of a flawed reimbursement procedure. This is a failure of our administration and I hope the BOS and BET take notice.

  3. Joe Kaliko says:

    John your question is right on. It’s tough that our volunteers need to worry about such things. Nevertheless, the town’s policy is not unusual; the vole companies are independent entities; and we have a solution with the bank having stepped up to help.

    The effort was not meant to embarrass the town; but find a solution to the problem….all is well.