Another Chase Bank – Why?

According to Chase’s website we already have 10, yes TEN Chase banks in Greenwich.  Tomorrow they are applying to P&Z to build another one across the street from the library.  Why would they need another when there are 3 within walking distance from that site?  Who goes to all these bank branches and what do they do there?  I should say that I worked for Citibank most of my life, and note that they get by with 2 branches in Greenwich but really, what do they need all those branches for?  Is it to keep other banks from opening?  That’s all I can figure.  I know Greenwich has a lot of lucrative private banking clients, but they don’t choose their bankers because of their office location.

Anyway, I’m all for the free market, it they can pay the rent the landlord should rent to them.  But the market goes both ways, so I wonder how many more Chase branches will go up before the people in Greenwich that bank there say enough is enough and close there accounts because they’re sick of all the great stores, restaurants and yes even service stations we lost so there can be another stupid bank branch.

I say boycott JP Morgan Chase!

John Bowman