NY Plates at New Lebanon

The NY license-plated cars at New Lebanon were mentioned in a letter to the editor last week, and they’ve been a hot topic for years.  These cars are not all dropping off kids that live in Port Chester.  People from Port Chester (my family included) move to Greenwich so their kids can go to school here.  They don’t necessarily (my parents didn’t) register their cars here right away because Connecticut taxes them based on registration; New York does not tax cars.  And it’s easy to leave your car registered at your old NY address if you still have family there.

 Drive through the streets of Byram late at night when everyone’s home and count how many NY plates you see.  I’m not suggesting that the schools should not investigate all allegations or evidence that a non-resident is attending school here.  I am suggesting that maybe the tax collector should be investigating these cars because if they are Greenwich parents dropping off Greenwich kids, they should be paying their Greenwich property taxes like everyone else. 


John Bowman