Trucks on the Merritt

truckOnce again we have to put up with trucks on the Merritt Parkway crashing into bridges.  In the Greenwich Time article (here) there is mention of a bill proposed in the CT assembly to put height barriers on the on-ramps to the Parkway, but it died.  I’ve seen these barriers on the entrance to the FDR drive in New York City.  Two poles and a chain with a sign on it.  If a truck hits it, the driver will know it but even if he knocks it down, he should still be able to easily back away with his truck undamaged and commuters not stuck for hours in traffic.

How hard would it be for Connecticut’s General Assembly to get that done?  Who would be oppossed? Maybe this is part of Connecticut’s “Road Contrarian” program, a program that includes Connecticut being one of only a few states that allow truck drivers to pull over and sleep in highway medians, dispite several deaths caused by this activity (three in Greenwich).

I guess they’re just to busy up in Hartford working to stay on top of Barron’s “worst state” list.  Keep up the good work CGA.

John Bowman