Fat: Wrongly Accused and Tainted for Life

It seems like common sense:  If you don’t want to get fat, you shouldn’t eat fat.  Simple solution.  Problem solved.

Yeah right. 

Truth is that this seemingly black and white equation couldn’t be further from the truth.  Consuming dietary fat does not result in body fat, at least not in the way we’ve been programmed to inexplicably marry the two.  If fat was the problem, our country should have lost millions of pounds and made major strides against heart disease by now.  But no, no such luck.  We’re actually running full speed in the opposite direction.

Why?  Well, in my opinion, it’s because we’ve demonized the wrong villain.  We’ve misplaced blame on the ugly f-word that is fat while its conniving counterpart – sugar – grins mischievously in the wings. There’s a growing body of research that backs this claim (too much to even delve into here), yet our government has been slow to concede to it.  But they’re not the only ones who won’t buy it.  There are other skeptics out there.  Yes, I’m talking to you.

I know it’s easy to make fat the culprit.  It’s an ugly word after all, and again, that whole word association thing links it to the stuff we’re so desperate to remove from our stomach and thighs.  Sugar, on the other hand, has such a positive connotation.  Just think about how we use the word “sweet.”  It implies delight, satisfaction and a host of other things we all want in our lives.

But I’m here to tell you that if you want to achieve anything in regards to health and fitness, you’re going to have rewire the way you think.  Sugar – not fat – is going to have to take a major backseat in your diet (and we’re not just talking about sugar in chocolate bars and cupcakes – sugar that comes in the form of grains and dairy too). 

Of course, this isn’t a green light to belly up to a plate of French fries.  I hope we all understand that with any nutrient, good and bad sources exist.  The good fat is that which comes from plants (i.e. nuts, seeds, olives, etc.) and it should be incorporated into each and every meal.

So go ahead and trust us on this.  We know you’re hesitant to believe, but you really have nothing to lose.  Switch your focus from fat to sugar and see what happens.  I mean, have you checked how many grams of sugar are in your fat-free yogurt?  Maybe now you’ll understand why it’s not giving you the results you’d like to see.

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